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Our Story

August Doucet has been fully invested in the landscape and horticultural industry for 10 years. After years of working for multiple nurseries and landscape companies in the Lafayette area, the day came when he was able to finally follow his ultimate dream and passion. He formed and created Doucet's Landscaping. Since that day there has been no turning back on the mission to supply the Lafayette area with honest, affordable, and professional work. 

Faith has created the will to keep pushing. Hard work has created quality to provide excellence. Patience has created a team of workers who are eager and ready to tackle any project that is in front of them. Doucet's has become a prominent figure in the Lafayette Landscape industry and is ready to stand the test of time.

Meet the Team


August Doucet


Robert Bernard

Loghans Employment Picture.webp

Loghan McMullen


Grettney Ro


Ian Leblanc

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